Seminar Nasional Pengembangan Satelit Nano untuk Indonesia 2017

Bandung, Indonesia at November 3, 2017

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Tracks / Topics

All tracks/topics are open to both research and industry contributions.

Satellites and Nano-Satellites/CubeSats
Satellite communications (hybrid satellites and terrestrial networks); Special protocols for nano-satellites; Onboard processing technology; Interplanetary communications (spatial mission analysis, inflight experiences, delay tolerant networking [DTN]); Nano satellites and nano-rockets;Fundamental of nano-satellites communications; New technologies specific for small satellites; Applications (earth observation, science, telecommunications, navigation); New technologies; Satellite constellation design.

Satellite and Space Communications
Earth-space communications; MIMO satellite communications; Hybrid satellite and terrestrial networks; Access Schemes; Demand Assignment Multiple Access (DAMA); Cross layer air interface design; Channel models; Navigation services; Reliable multicast protocols; Transport protocol performance over satellite; IP over satellite Routing protocols; Game theory applications in satellite networks; Onboard switching and processing technologies; QoS and performance; Call admission control schemes; Dynamic bandwidth allocation; Adjacent and terrestrial interference; Fade mitigation techniques; Advanced channel modelling; Security, privacy, and trust; Radio resource management; IT application in Space Communications; Standards activities; Signal processing in telecommunications.

Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN)
Use of DTN protocols in space missions; DTN for PI/instrument connectivity; Routing for DTNs; Performance and reliability of DTN protocols; DTN based applications.

Satellite/Space Communications based Applications
Satellite based disaster recovery; Satellite based large scale sensor networks; Satellite based power grids monitoring and control; Satellite based remote eHealth; Satellite based alarm systems; Satellite based sensing and data mining; Satellite based weather forecast; Satellite based earthquake surveillance; Satellite based environmental surveillance; Radar Systems.

Antenna, Radio & Networks
Antenna system; Smart antenna; Radiowave propagation; Wireless system; Wireless networks; Access schemes; Beamforming & MIMO.

Electronic warfare target location systems; Statistical multisource-multitarget information fusion; Multisensor data fusion; Multimodel surveillance; Military applications

Galaxyscale-satellite Communications and Exploration Missions
Planetary exploration management; Space astronomy advances; Solar-terrestrial sciences; Space life sciences and mission monitoring; Space physical sciences and satellite communications; Operational space medicine; Human exploitation of space resources.

Control Technology
Applications of control technology for: Satellite; Aerospace; Communications; Networks; Military.

Astronomy, Astrophysics, Atmospheric and Magnetospheric Sciences
Applications of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Atmospheric and Magnetospheric Sciences on satellite and interplanetary missions.

Remote Spatial Sensing
Remote sensing technology and geographic information system (GIS); Remote sensing computation applications; Optical communication for remote sensing; High performance computing for remote sensing; Lidar technology in remote sensing; Satellites and remote sensing; Geolocation of radio frequency signals; Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image process modelling; Quality of remote data (spatial, spectral, radiometric and temporal resolutions); Remote sensing tools and software; Sensor calibration; Applications of remote sensing; Remote sensing for solar energy forecasting; Turbulence modelling and simulation; Climate prediction models.

Avionics Systems
Avionics Systems; Unmanned Systems; Air Traffic Management.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Applications of satellite technology on IoT; Smart Cities (Smart Parking, Smartphone Detection, Traffic Congestion, Smart Lighting, etc); Smart Water (Potable water monitoring, Chemical leakage detection in rivers, River Floods, Water Leakages, etc); Security & Emergencies; Retail (Supply Chain Control, NFC Payment, Intelligent Shopping Applications, Smart Product Management, etc); Logistics (Quality of Shipment Conditions, Item Location, etc); Industrial Control (M2M Applications, Indoor Air Quality, Temperature Monitoring, Indoor Location, etc); Smart Agriculture (Green Houses); Digital health/Telehealth/Telemedicine; Smart Farming; Smart Grids.

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